Fran Drescher’s ‘Cancer Schmancer Movement’ Welcomes the peeka-bu Mirror

May 3, 2011

“Cancer Schmancer.” We hope we can all be this non-cholant about the topic. Today sexy and serious join together to help actress Fran Drescher’s (The Nanny) in her mission to raise awareness for womens’ cancers and save lives through healthy living and prevention. I am grateful to have connected with this organization and learn about what they are doing for womens’ health. They are working on a variety of different programs to make it possible for all women to get the care they need and are giving out a bunch of useful information. Plus, they added the peeka-bu mirror to their website.

Education, Prevention, Healthy Living for Women

At first, I was hesitant to send out information on such a serious topic, yet if we look at it from a standpoint of knowledge, not fear, it is empowering. This is just what Cancer Schmancer does. It takes a rather frightening conversation and makes it accessible. For many of us, the peeka-bu mirror does the same thing. Looking at our own body is is foreign, scary and weird. And yet, a must for us who want to be self-aware and connected.

Back to ‘Schmancer.’ It’s not that we need to be scrutinizing every part of our bodies all day, but having the tools and information for healthy living is not a bad idea. My favorite part of her website is the ‘Prevention’ section under the education tab. It breaks down the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of healthy living in a clear and simple manner. It’s no surprise that her lifestyle suggestions align with habits that feel good and treat the environment well.

To for more info on Cancer Schmancer, check out:

To watch the peeka-bu interview with Dr. Jennifer Lang, M.D. about self exams and womens health, go to:



May 3, 2011

Are you in LA this weekend??

If you live in LA, don’t miss this incredible performance and celebration.

Join Dylan McDermott, Barbara Bain and an all-star cast for two performances benefiting VDay Santa Monica 2011, March 25-26, at the Broad Stage/SMC Performing Arts Center. A global, annual event, VDay increases awareness by focusing on specific groups of women resisting violence with courage and vision. All proceeds go to charity – 90% locally to Peace Over Violence and 10% to support this year’s international VDay campaign, the women and girls of Haiti.

THE V MEN MONOLOGUES – Friday, March 25, 8pm

McDermott and other notable performers will read from A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer a collection of monologues by world-renowned authors and playwrights and edited by Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle. These diverse voices rise up in a collective roar to break open, expose and examine the insidiousness of violence at all levels: brutality, neglect, a punch, even a put-down. Cast includes Dylan McDermott, Jack McGee, Garcelle Beauvais, Iona Morris, Larry Wilmore, Sekou Andrews, John Ciccolini and Vincent M. Ward.Special musical performance by soul recording artist Chris Pierce.

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES – Saturday, March 26, 8pm

The Vagina Monologues chronicles major events experienced in women’s lives through their association with the vagina. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment and the ultimate embodiment of individuality. Barbara Bain, Cleo King, Liz Hernandez, Hattie Winston, Gwendoline Yeo, Iris Bahr, Nadege August, Rebecca Wisocky, Wendy Hammers, Gabby Sanalitroand Deborah Kagan lend their voices for this touching, humorous and powerful performance. The show concludes with a musical treat – a guest performance by the Compton-based 2010 National Gospel Choir winners, Voices of Destiny.

All performances directed by Iona Morris.

Go to or click the images to the left.

It’s time to Celebrate VDAY!

RED CARPET AFTER PARTY – Saturday, March 26, 10pm – Sponsored by Lexus of Santa Monica

Our not-to-be missed after party features a live DJ, open bar provided by ONE Natural Experience, lite bites and desserts, a silent auction including items such as weekend getaways, spa services, yoga classes and gift baskets, a dance performance by the Flying Vs and so much more! Your ticket to either show includes this event.

1501 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404
* delicious food * tasty cocktails * entertainment *
and ‘shake what your mama gave ya’ dancing*

Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center
1310 11th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Natural Nudity on Womens’ Day!

March 9, 2011

"The Three Graces" by Peter Paul Rubens

Celebrate Nudity

Today I write you from a beautiful retreat center on the Northern California coast, a place founded in the 60’s by experimental hippies and psychologists. It’s now one of the most revered centers for the sacred arts and a gorgeous place to be on vacation. One of the main attractions here are the sulfur hot springs, natural hot springs sitting on the edge of a breathtaking view of the pacific ocean. Although many things here have changed since the hippie days, nude bathing and beaches have not. People come here from all over the world to experience this place, many of which have had little exposure to public nudity. Last week, there was a group of CEO’s from a variety of companies, including Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and Google. I watched as many of them, who appeared overly conservative on the outside leave the bathing area with peaceful smiles. I was wondering how their experience with public nudity struck them. I asked a few women (and men too.) They all said that it was weird for a few minutes and then they loved it. They really enjoyed the freedom of not having to cover up who they really are. Beneath the big salaries and suits, they all enjoyed their humanness and didn’t feel objectified exposing their bodies.

On International Womens’ Day

I had a similar experience when I first undressed in public. I was self conscious about my body, but it slipped away within seconds. As a woman, I have an ingrained nervousness about being ‘seen,’ especially without clothes. Although, surprisingly here I don’t feel that way at all. What I find is that while being obviously nude, people are more respectful of each others’ space then while wearing clothes out in the world. Extra attention is paid to not stare and to just be. I recently read some studies about how children exposed to nudity (as confirmed in an earlier post by Dr. Jaelline Jaffe, are actually more comfortable in their bodies and have a healthier body self image than their piers. Nudity in itself is not a big deal. It’s just what we’ve made of it in this country that places so much shame and expectations on ourselves to have a ‘perfect body’ according to the modern media. It seems these expectations are exaggerated for women.

It’s quite comical when you look at it as all bodies really are different. Many years ago, a softer, more voluptuous body was ‘in style.’ Perhaps, we’ll move back to that as time goes on.

So today on International Womens’ Day, consider some things you can do to honor that body you’ve got, however it looks. If being naked for a while inspires how, how about trying it at home? Arrange a naked day for cooking, reading or working at home. Maybe set up a naked photo shoot to highlight and embrace your body. You could even spend some time in front of a mirror seeing yourself, honoring the “imperfections.” If I have learned anything from being here about naked people, it’s that there are a bajillion ways a body can look. And I’ve rarely seen anyone match a magazine or a billboard.

Spearmint Tea, the Female “Superdrink” and Other Sexy Holiday Sippers

December 18, 2010

Spearmint tea is a sexy holiday drink in more ways than one.

First, Spearmint Tea helps make ladies less hairy! Growing up with a few too many unwanted hairs, I wish I had gotten this information sooner. I zapped hairs on my chest, belly and moustache years ago. If only, I would have known about these secret leaves, I could have save myself money and pain. Studies show that drinking spearmint tea can reduce the level of androgens in the body, ‘masculine’ hormones such as testosterone that cause excess hair growth in unwanted places. Some women have a condition that makes them grow lots of hair, however most women just get a few nasty, little threads.

Second, it’s a gentle digestive aid that helps break down food in the body. This will come in handy during the holiday season when the sugar and wine diet takes over.

Furthermore, due to spearmint tea’s hormone balancing effects, it actually helps reduce acne (another key ingredient for combatting junk food during the holidays.)

As with all natural remedies, anything in excess has its risks. If you plan on consuming barrels of spearmint tea, you may want to talk to your doctor, especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Besides tea, here are a few drinks that will make you feel warm and sensual during the cold season.

Spiced Hot Chocolate:
Chocolate has lots of anti-oxidants and is an aphrodisiac. Add a little cinnamon and cayenne for a red, hot, spicy kick.

Spiced Coffee with Cinnamon and Cardamom:

Why add cinnamon and cardamom? Cardomom: helps with digestion and circulation, calms nerves and freshens breath. It’s also used as an aphrodisiac
Cinnamon: Too many to list! They include: Eases PMS, helps with breastfeeding, reduces UTI’s, is anti blood clotting, reduces headaches and pimples.

Gratitude to Choose

November 26, 2010

Thanks for the freedom to choose how we care for our female bodies.

After Thanksgiving, I’d like to first thank all of YOU for taking the time to read my newsletters. Writing these is one of my favorite parts of peeka-bu because I love learning inspiring information and sharing it with you.

I want to add a collective thank you for having the privaledge to do and speak what we
wish in regards to our our female bodies. The freedom to choose our personal style, fashion sense, body care, womens’ health routines and sexuality are no small thing. In many parts of the world, including places close to home, women do not have this luxury. In more extreme cases, women are being abused and mutilated for simply being born with a vagina.

Honoring those women who can’t.

That is why peeka-bu supporting VDAY Santa Monica 2011 to contribute to those who fight against violence towards women and girls. For those of you who do not know, VDAY is a global activist organization geared toward stopping this abuse. It was founded by Eve Ensler, the author of the Vagina Monologues, an episodic play that resulted from interviews with hundreds of women. Each monologue is ‘vagina-related’ in one way or another and work together to take an important positive stance on female empowerment and individual expression. VDAY connects with local organizations around the globe every year around Valentine’s Day to put on the show and raise funds for local charities and the parent VDAY organization.

The Santa Monica Charity is Peace Over Violence (as in assaults towards women). (

peeka-bu will be donating 10% of its proceeds from now until the last performance, March 29, 2011, to this cause.

peeka-bu mirrors, soaps, after-shave oils and undies make for fun and unique gifts
and stocking stuffers. By choosing to give peeka-bu this holiday, know that you’ll be
taking a step toward empowering the women and girls you love and those you need your help.

Cheers to the beginning of a happy, healthy and healing holiday season.


p.s. At least 8000 women each day are suffering from mutilation. To sign the petition to end this, visit

p.p.s. To donate to VDAY Santa Monica Events, please email

How to Talk to Your Tween About Puberty

November 12, 2010

Talking to your tween about puberty may not seem easy,

I honestly can’t remember the conversation my mom and I had about puberty other than a big hug and a congratulations when I started my first period. Unfortunately, it was gross to me, a hideous thought. Besides my mother’s excitement that day, all I heard was that whatever was happening was inconvenient, something to just be dealt with so I could just go on with other things. I had no idea that being able to have a period each month and cleanse the body in this way was a gift that only us, women, could experience. She awkwardly told to grab a tampon, look in a mirror, read the instructions on the box and make sure I didn’t lose the applicator. I don’t even think she referred to my vagina as a word at the time. She simply gestured to the area, sent me on my way, the later asked how it went. I so didn’t want to answer that. Cut to a few years ago and the pendulum has swung drastically toward the the ‘too much information’ side of the spectrum. With the growth of peeka-bu, my mom has become a pro at talking about vaginas, vulvas and personal shaving to just about anyone. At the first peeka-bu trade show, she was doing a ‘cherades-esque’ demo of body grooming for some buyers with the mannequin in front of the toilet seat hanging on the wall in our booth.

but the sooner the ‘sexier’ says the experts.

That aside, most moms are looking for a happy medium between not enough and too much. The key is to start early. Taking the opportunity to empower your daughter about her body when she is young can help her become more comfortable with herself before her body changes, thus overcoming the fears around puberty a lot easier. Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D, founder of and author of “What’s Up Down There” wrote a brilliant post about this very subject with some very helpful tips. She recommends the peeka-bu mirror as a way to help tweens get to know their bodies.

<a href=" a>”>Click here for the article.

I had the privilege to interview Dr. Jaeline Jaffe, Ph.D, a brilliant family therapist who has done extensive research on the subject of ‘down there.’ She gives some more useful tips on how to talk ot your child and at the same time overcome your own discomfort on the subject. Taking the right approach can help her make healthier and more self honoring decisions down the line. Please watch this video for the full interview. She also reveals a very entertaining personal story about her own experience with her daughter. Go Dr. Jaffe!

I hope you find this useful and pass it on to your friends.

Enjoy your weekend,


Merkins, Celebs and Halloween Inspiration

October 29, 2010


Merkin Fashion:

Happy Halloween!. In the spirit of costumes,
here are some Halloween ‘costumes’ you may
not have thought of. A well designed merkin is a costume unto itself. Back In the 1600‘s, merkins (pubic wigs) were invented. Originally created to cover the signs of lice or venereal disease, the merkins became quite intruguing fashion statements. Since the 1600’s, people have taken this idea of a merkin to a whole, new level. (See images on the left!) And, surprisingly enough, there is a company in the UK that makes custom designed merkins. Check it out!

In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that he wears a merkin in his upcoming movie with Anne Hathaway titled “Love And Other Drugs”

Halloween and then some.

There is even a fashion stylist that made a merkin-centered fashion show. And A-listers like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba went as far as to vjazzle their vjay jay, the act of decorating the pubic hair region with gems.

So…if you have yet to choose your Halloween
costume, maybe this has provided some inspiration. Or perhaps, you're inspired to get creative with your own hair design just for kicks. Check out the peeka-bu designs for looks and instructions, including manscaping tips.

Whatever you decide to do with your pubes, I wish you a fun and adventurous Halloween.


How to Talk to Your Man about His Style

October 29, 2010

When it comes to his personal style,

You would think that a simple comment about jeans wouldn’t be the cause of an afternoon of tension and arguments amongst a happy couple. Oh but it could be! I once had a boyfriend tell me out of the blue that my jeans were not that flattering and I needed to get sexier ones. Ouch! My immediate reaction to this was shock, defensiveness and some justified anger. I could not believe someone would make a comment about my clothes, without any cushiony prelude. Afterwards, he tried to save himself from the obvious ‘foot in mouth situation’ with compliments and explanations. But the dirt was dug. “This must mean that I am not sexy as I am and what I look like matters more than who I am and so on,” says the mind. The truth is that was not the case. It’s just how he said it, that made it sound like a criticism more than an encouraging suggestion to make a wardrobe adjustment. At the end of the day, we ended up going shopping and he bought me a pair of jeans, that remain my favorite pair to date. Yeah, in the end, I scored, however, I would have traded the new addition to my closet for a more friendly assessment of my fashion sense (sans the drama). In reflecting on this day, I realized that if clothing comments are touchy, so must be anything having to do with another person’s way of presenting themselves externally, including body grooming.

it’s all about HOW you say it.

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Kim Seltzer, an experienced elite dating coach and image consult. She said she runs into situations like this all the time in her line of work. I got some great tips from her and am now sharing them with YOU.

In our video interview, Kim gives the low-down on how to get your significant other to enhance his/her look in a loving and drama free way. She states that sexy is about feeling confident in yourself and helping your partner do the same. It’s not about the perfect body or hair. It’s about putting yourself together in the way that is most flattering for you. The truth is, sometimes we all could use a little bit of nudging in this department.

In our interview, Kim talks about 3 different personality types in men and how learning about who you are dealing with can help determine how you communicate your needs to that person. She also gives away common ‘mistakes’ women make that will be sure to drive your partner in the opposite direction from where you’d like him to go.



A Sexy Way To Date and Collaborate

October 15, 2010

A New Way to Date

FREE peeka-bu panties when you sign up for

peeka-bu is proud to support a program called “Creating Your Ideal Relationship.” The cutting edge dating coach Antoinette Cabral teams up with Relationship and Self-Empowerment experts Jason Nelson, Elissa (Wowza) Lodge, James Wanless Ph.D and the acclaimed sexy expert Allana Pratt for a tele-seminar on a ‘new’ kind of dating. Learn to break the old dating paradigm filled with angst and confusion and start dating from an empowered, enjoyable place. This incredible team will teach you how to magnetize your ideal partner by embracing who you are. One great benefit of the program is learning how to joyfully love and live in the body that you have. As a token of this bonus, each participant will get a pair of peeka-bu ecstatic dancer panties in your choice of a thong or boyshort style. Please check out for more information.

and Collaborate.

You want to know what else is sexy? Being generous, creative and intuitive. My friend, Stephanie Wood Miller, a 20 year marketing expert for many Fortune 500 companies, decided that the competitive nature of women in business is not sexy. She created an amazing company called Wisdom Of The Kitchen, a place where collaboration and generosity rule! Please join her for an exciting event in Los Angeles on November 13.

I think this is going to be a really unique experience. 300 women will be getting together to discover our collective power as women. A portion of your registration will be used as a microgrant for you to spend on a few businesses that will present their plans to the group. You can then determine how you would like to contribute to help the selected businesses to grow. There will also be a panel of speakers and a group activity to generate a new revenue stream for participants. The idea behind the day is to see what’s really possible for us, women.

Tyra Banks talks “What’s Up Down There”

October 12, 2010