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RE-fresh, RE-new. Feel good to look good.

June 2, 2010

Hi all,

It’s been a long time comin’ and after some technical difficulties, the peeka-bu blog is back in full effect. Since all the fun from before has been unexpectedly wiped away, we must start over! With a clean slate. Voila! How sad it is to say good-by to all those old goodies AND how wonderful.  The same way we get to start over every day when we wake up in the morning. Each day is an opportunity to look in the mirror and see ourselves from a new perspective, form a new relationship with ourselves that inspires us to become who we want to be.  One sweet thought at a time. It starts from within and then, slowly seeps out, until every part of our body is a reflection of how we feel inside. When we feel down, we want to wear our crappy sweats and a beat up old shirt everywhere. And when we feel great, we want to wear the good stuff, the tank top that makes our boobs look good, the butt flattering comfy pants, the light make-up that makes our face glow.  Sure we want to appear our best in case we run into someone we know or meet Mr. Right at the grocery store, yet more importantly, we do it for US. Because it makes no sense to feel great inside and not wear it on the outside. It’s like decorating the inside of a house with all the best furniture and then leaving old, crappy paint on the exterior. Hello!

So what does this have to do with peeka-bu? Well….Let’s begin with the obvious. It comes down to WHY do we tend to our personal hair and care for our bodies?  What is it about body hair styling, shaving, manscaping, and primping that makes us want to keep it up on a regular basis? Why do we know every shape, color and texture on each part of our body so that if something looks off, we want to investigate it, heal it, call our doctor if necessary?  We want to be confident that we are sexy and healthy and putting our best foot forward.

So here is the challenge: As humans, we have our ups and downs, our criticisms and our self-wows! The task is to start from within. Take one day at a time as a RE-start. Look in the mirror and find one fresh, new way to see yourself, one positive thing that makes you feel good. Just like that one old rusty chair in the living room you could easily replace with a new one. Or just get rid of completely. Step by step. Let’s RE-verse the regular order.  Start feeling good to look good and see what happens.