July 1, 2010
Now that summer is officially here, and it’s almost July 4, I think about what this holiday brings up for me. Usually, before any day like this, I spend time trying to be low key and not get caught up in the commotion. I am “chill yoga girl.” Hello! I measure this against the big pool party I’ll be attending in Malibu this Sunday and my immediate reaction is to feel conflicted, like I want to hold back from the fun. An incident that happened this week inspired me to look at this in a different way. A few nights ago, my friend Gordon invited myself and a few girlfriends to dress up like Hollywood party girls for a music video he is making and drive around LA in a limo. We wore mini skirts, fishnets, drank bottles of booze, and bounced around in a limo listening to nasty hip-hop. For the sake of the project, I stepped up to it without a thought. And we had a blast. This was hands down one of the most fun nights I have had…and sooo out of character. At the end of it all, exhausted from laughing and dancing, I reflected on the joy and exhilaration in my body and how if circumstances were different, I probably wouldn’t have been dressing or acting like that. It was from stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing a new side of me to play, that I acquired a high that lasted for days. I vow to bring this mindset into this holiday weekend, wear something unusual and keep riding out this sense of play.
Did you know that liberation is something you can achieve any day by overcoming the tiniest of fears and limiting beliefs?
Is there a perception of yourself that is keeping you from doing what you want, being more fully who you are, or simply enjoying what a new side of you that hasn’t had a chance to come out? If this is the case for you, as it is for most of us each, how about setting one of those things into the fire and saying ‘peace out’ to it this holiday?I invite you to try something new, step into a different side of you. Be proud of who you are with one less piece of mind garbage. If you’re up for it, how about stepping into that bikini you love even if it makes you feel a little scared. After all, getting past fears is the quickest way to feel free!
Happy Fourth of July everybody. I wish you a safe and joyous holiday,

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