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Gratitude to Choose

November 26, 2010

Thanks for the freedom to choose how we care for our female bodies.

After Thanksgiving, I’d like to first thank all of YOU for taking the time to read my newsletters. Writing these is one of my favorite parts of peeka-bu because I love learning inspiring information and sharing it with you.

I want to add a collective thank you for having the privaledge to do and speak what we
wish in regards to our our female bodies. The freedom to choose our personal style, fashion sense, body care, womens’ health routines and sexuality are no small thing. In many parts of the world, including places close to home, women do not have this luxury. In more extreme cases, women are being abused and mutilated for simply being born with a vagina.

Honoring those women who can’t.

That is why peeka-bu supporting VDAY Santa Monica 2011 to contribute to those who fight against violence towards women and girls. For those of you who do not know, VDAY is a global activist organization geared toward stopping this abuse. It was founded by Eve Ensler, the author of the Vagina Monologues, an episodic play that resulted from interviews with hundreds of women. Each monologue is ‘vagina-related’ in one way or another and work together to take an important positive stance on female empowerment and individual expression. VDAY connects with local organizations around the globe every year around Valentine’s Day to put on the show and raise funds for local charities and the parent VDAY organization.

The Santa Monica Charity is Peace Over Violence (as in assaults towards women). (

peeka-bu will be donating 10% of its proceeds from now until the last performance, March 29, 2011, to this cause.

peeka-bu mirrors, soaps, after-shave oils and undies make for fun and unique gifts
and stocking stuffers. By choosing to give peeka-bu this holiday, know that you’ll be
taking a step toward empowering the women and girls you love and those you need your help.

Cheers to the beginning of a happy, healthy and healing holiday season.


p.s. At least 8000 women each day are suffering from mutilation. To sign the petition to end this, visit

p.p.s. To donate to VDAY Santa Monica Events, please email


How to Talk to Your Tween About Puberty

November 12, 2010

Talking to your tween about puberty may not seem easy,

I honestly can’t remember the conversation my mom and I had about puberty other than a big hug and a congratulations when I started my first period. Unfortunately, it was gross to me, a hideous thought. Besides my mother’s excitement that day, all I heard was that whatever was happening was inconvenient, something to just be dealt with so I could just go on with other things. I had no idea that being able to have a period each month and cleanse the body in this way was a gift that only us, women, could experience. She awkwardly told to grab a tampon, look in a mirror, read the instructions on the box and make sure I didn’t lose the applicator. I don’t even think she referred to my vagina as a word at the time. She simply gestured to the area, sent me on my way, the later asked how it went. I so didn’t want to answer that. Cut to a few years ago and the pendulum has swung drastically toward the the ‘too much information’ side of the spectrum. With the growth of peeka-bu, my mom has become a pro at talking about vaginas, vulvas and personal shaving to just about anyone. At the first peeka-bu trade show, she was doing a ‘cherades-esque’ demo of body grooming for some buyers with the mannequin in front of the toilet seat hanging on the wall in our booth.

but the sooner the ‘sexier’ says the experts.

That aside, most moms are looking for a happy medium between not enough and too much. The key is to start early. Taking the opportunity to empower your daughter about her body when she is young can help her become more comfortable with herself before her body changes, thus overcoming the fears around puberty a lot easier. Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D, founder of and author of “What’s Up Down There” wrote a brilliant post about this very subject with some very helpful tips. She recommends the peeka-bu mirror as a way to help tweens get to know their bodies.

<a href=" a>”>Click here for the article.

I had the privilege to interview Dr. Jaeline Jaffe, Ph.D, a brilliant family therapist who has done extensive research on the subject of ‘down there.’ She gives some more useful tips on how to talk ot your child and at the same time overcome your own discomfort on the subject. Taking the right approach can help her make healthier and more self honoring decisions down the line. Please watch this video for the full interview. She also reveals a very entertaining personal story about her own experience with her daughter. Go Dr. Jaffe!

I hope you find this useful and pass it on to your friends.

Enjoy your weekend,