Gratitude to Choose

November 26, 2010

Thanks for the freedom to choose how we care for our female bodies.

After Thanksgiving, I’d like to first thank all of YOU for taking the time to read my newsletters. Writing these is one of my favorite parts of peeka-bu because I love learning inspiring information and sharing it with you.

I want to add a collective thank you for having the privaledge to do and speak what we
wish in regards to our our female bodies. The freedom to choose our personal style, fashion sense, body care, womens’ health routines and sexuality are no small thing. In many parts of the world, including places close to home, women do not have this luxury. In more extreme cases, women are being abused and mutilated for simply being born with a vagina.

Honoring those women who can’t.

That is why peeka-bu supporting VDAY Santa Monica 2011 to contribute to those who fight against violence towards women and girls. For those of you who do not know, VDAY is a global activist organization geared toward stopping this abuse. It was founded by Eve Ensler, the author of the Vagina Monologues, an episodic play that resulted from interviews with hundreds of women. Each monologue is ‘vagina-related’ in one way or another and work together to take an important positive stance on female empowerment and individual expression. VDAY connects with local organizations around the globe every year around Valentine’s Day to put on the show and raise funds for local charities and the parent VDAY organization.

The Santa Monica Charity is Peace Over Violence (as in assaults towards women). (

peeka-bu will be donating 10% of its proceeds from now until the last performance, March 29, 2011, to this cause.

peeka-bu mirrors, soaps, after-shave oils and undies make for fun and unique gifts
and stocking stuffers. By choosing to give peeka-bu this holiday, know that you’ll be
taking a step toward empowering the women and girls you love and those you need your help.

Cheers to the beginning of a happy, healthy and healing holiday season.


p.s. At least 8000 women each day are suffering from mutilation. To sign the petition to end this, visit

p.p.s. To donate to VDAY Santa Monica Events, please email


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