Fran Drescher’s ‘Cancer Schmancer Movement’ Welcomes the peeka-bu Mirror

May 3, 2011

“Cancer Schmancer.” We hope we can all be this non-cholant about the topic. Today sexy and serious join together to help actress Fran Drescher’s (The Nanny) in her mission to raise awareness for womens’ cancers and save lives through healthy living and prevention. I am grateful to have connected with this organization and learn about what they are doing for womens’ health. They are working on a variety of different programs to make it possible for all women to get the care they need and are giving out a bunch of useful information. Plus, they added the peeka-bu mirror to their website.

Education, Prevention, Healthy Living for Women

At first, I was hesitant to send out information on such a serious topic, yet if we look at it from a standpoint of knowledge, not fear, it is empowering. This is just what Cancer Schmancer does. It takes a rather frightening conversation and makes it accessible. For many of us, the peeka-bu mirror does the same thing. Looking at our own body is is foreign, scary and weird. And yet, a must for us who want to be self-aware and connected.

Back to ‘Schmancer.’ It’s not that we need to be scrutinizing every part of our bodies all day, but having the tools and information for healthy living is not a bad idea. My favorite part of her website is the ‘Prevention’ section under the education tab. It breaks down the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of healthy living in a clear and simple manner. It’s no surprise that her lifestyle suggestions align with habits that feel good and treat the environment well.

To for more info on Cancer Schmancer, check out:

To watch the peeka-bu interview with Dr. Jennifer Lang, M.D. about self exams and womens health, go to:


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